The name of the Association: The Asian Association of Sugar Cane Technologists’ (AASCT). This will be an association of scientists, technologists, managers, institutions and companies/association/societies concerned with technical advancement of the sugar, chemical and allied industries.

Kalpavruksha is the term from Indian mythology to describe a tree of each all the parts/entire tree is beneficial to the human life i.e. all parts of the plants are put to some use by human of coconut plant is called as Kalpavruksha due to its enormous utility. All parts of sugarcane can be used, hence, it can be called as – Kalpavruksha.


The association is committed to the economic and sustainable advancement of the sugar in particular and allied industries in general and also associated communities through promoting innovative research, development and adoption of new technology, and by sharing the knowledge among its members for their professional development.

The idea of forming a new association i.e. The Asian Association of Sugar Cane Technologists’ (AASCT) is conceived as there is no such organization which represents sugar-producing countries mainly from the Asian region. However, there are about 23 Asian Countries which produces sugar either from sugarcane or sugar beet, therefore, this Association has covered 23 Asian Countries to bridge the gap and to interchange technical knowledge and advancement of new technology in the Asian region. The AASCT will bring out  yearly magazine or journal which will be called as Asian Sugar Journal (ASJ).